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The law provides significant new resources to work with families to keep children safe.

However, realizing the full potential of Family First will require the vision and commitment of local leaders across the nation to begin shifting long-held models for responding to abuse and neglect and embracing new approaches that can build on the strength of all sectors in a community.

San Francisco’s Family Resource social class is based on Center Initiative provides parents with a range of support services, including child care, counseling, parent education, mentoring, case management and other activities that strengthen families and improve child well-being.
The multisector effort brings together government, community, nonprofits, business and philanthropy to share resources and use data to track their progress.

Each of the city’s 26 resource centers offers a different level of service based on its social class social class system synonym community’s needs. Some provide basic support services, while others provide more intensive or comprehensive services, including evidence-based parenting classes, hands-on interaction with children, and referrals to other resources with case management support.

The family resource centers are a critical part of the city’s strategy to keep more children safe from harm and with their families. Since social class 2008, the city has safely reduced the rate of children in foster care by 52 percent. Perhaps even more promising, the substantiated rate of child abuse social class examples has dropped by 60 percent.

Over the past 25 years, a growing body of health and social science research has demonstrated the tremendous impact that child abuse and neglect, and associated trauma, have on the future well-being of children and their families.
Studies show that children who age out of foster care are at much higher risk of experiencing homelessness, unemployment, incarceration and other poor outcomes.
One of the largest studies of child abuse and neglect and impacts later in life found that as instances of maltreatment, or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), increase, so does the risk for a host of poor health and well-being outcomes as adults. Similarly social class definition, brain science has shown how exposure to ongoing “toxic” stress can rewire developing minds, leading to health and behavioral challenges.

Yet our child welfare system’s basic approach to child protection has remained rooted mostly in a “child-rescue” mentality that removes children from families after significant abuse or neglect has taken place. The gap between what we know we should do for children and families and social class classification how we actually respond to abuse and neglect remains large.

The goal of our trauma- and healing-informed approach is to develop and demonstrate effective, equitable and practical solutions to safely reduce the need for foster care, improve well-being, and secure safe and lifelong families for every single youth in our care.

The impact of this effort reaches beyond those families, as our team works to demonstrate and spread best practices and engage with state, tribal and county child welfare systems, private providers and community partners.

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When a child is abused or dies, blame often falls on the child protection agency. Before they were in crisis.

The organization used data to pinpoint where including evidence-based parenting classes, hands-on interaction with children, and social class synonym referrals about 10 miles away in 1927, increasing services over time and opening a group home providing clinical care.